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The needs of citizens are changing and thus, Captosoft has the capacity to help various government organizations to change as well. The information and technology sector has seen a steep rise in the recent years which has made it necessary for governments to resort to e-Governance.The e-Governance solutions that we offer our clients enable both state and local governments to function more efficiently and transparently. We offer a vast array of services and solutions that are integrated with the highest standards of usability, flexibility, and scalability.

Data Integration
  • Data integration is the process of merge data from several different resources into a unified view, making it valuable for management decision making.
  • The process of Data Integration is about taking data from many disparate sources (such as files, various databases, mainframes etc.)
  • Combining that data to provide a unified view of the data for business intelligence.
  • We implement various Data Integration Techniques such as Manual Data Integration, Middleware Data Integration, Data Virtualization Integration Approach, Data Warehouse Approach of Data Integration.
Data Quality
  • Data quality is a perception or an assessment to serve its purpose.
  • We at Captosoft determine Data Quality by factors such as accuracy, completeness, reliability, relevance and Update.
  • The virtuous cycle of data Quality Management includes:
    • Monitor results Of improvement methods against targets.
    • Identity and measure how poor data quality impedes business objectives.
    • Define business-related data quality rules.
    • Design Quality improvement processes and set performance targets
    • Implement Quality improvement methods and processes.
    • Cleanse and enhance data
Data Governance
  • Data governance forms the basis for company-wide data management and makes the efficient use of trustworthy data possible.
  • The efficient management of data is an important task that requires centralized control mechanisms.
  • In order to ensure the safety, reliability, and trustworthiness of all data, governance requires that stakeholders from all business areas be involved
Data Lake / Data Warehouse / Data Hub
  • A data lake is a massive, easily accessible, centralized repository of large volumes of structured and unstructured data.
  • Also a data lake is a storage repository that holds a vast amount of raw data in its native format until it is needed.
  • Datahub is the fastest way for individuals, teams and organizations to publish, deploy and share their data.
  • This is a system used for reporting and data analysis. Also it's considered as core component of business intelligence.
  • Data warehouses are central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources.
Big Data
  • Big data is an evolving term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information.
  • Big data is often characterized by 3Vs:
    • The extreme volume of data.
    • The wide variety of data types.
    • The velocity at which the data must be processed.

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